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Welcome to Access Monitoring & Reporting Database for Pakistan
This tool has been launched at the request of the Humanitarian Country Team to enable all humanitarian actors in Pakistan to report access constraints. The access database is not a complaints mechanism, and neither OCHA nor Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF) will automatically follow up on your agency's particular incident unless you contact us directly to request intervention. Instead, the aim of the tool is to monitor specific access constraints that humanitarian partners face, understand where they occur, which agencies and clusters are most affected, and whether access is improving or deteriorating over time. Based on submitted reports, OCHA compiles regular public reports, without reference to any agency, on the humanitarian access situation in Pakistan. OCHA and PHF will utilise the data generated from the Access Database to support the Humanitarian Coordinator, Humanitarian Country Team and other partners in their overall humanitarian advocacy efforts.

Please note that you have the option of reporting anonymously to the Access Database and all information submitted online will be stored in a secure OCHA database, to which only few OCHA staff have access. Where an agency chooses to share contact details, this information will not be shared with others. The public reports that OCHA will generate from the Access Database will only provide information on general trends and analysis - OCHA will not give the names of individuals or agencies involved in incidents, even when the individuals or agency include them in the report to facilitate follow-up. In addition, the Access Database has an option for members of the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum to identify themselves, and specific PHF data reports will be generated and shared with the PHF Coordinator to enable advocacy and facilitate coordination.

If you have any comment or question on the Access Database , please contact Ms. Annette Hearns (Head - Coordination Unit,, 0346 856 3506), Shafqat Ali Khan (Humanitarian Affairs Officer,, 0346 856 3610) or Zeeshan Qamar (Information Management Officer,, 0302 851 9883) at OCHA or the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum at

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